Got a wet instrument from practice or graduation?
May 29, 2021

Got a wet instrument from practice or graduation? Here’s what to do:

You want to use a towel and dry off as many beads of water as you can. Moisture inside your case can be extremely bad for your instrument. ESPECIALLY if you don’t anticipate taking your instrument out before next school year. This goes for both brass and woodwind players.

If you’ve already placed it inside the case wet, no worries. Pull the instrument out once you get home and dry off the instrument. You will want to leave the case open overnight to dry (preferably under a fans influence). Be certain it is totally dry before you place the instrument back inside for storage. (Be extra careful to place the open case somewhere out of reach of animals as they can leave surprises).

Water can lead to mildew and mold which is one of the most expensive things to fix if it compromises the instrument. Lacquer can be eaten through, compromised pads means replacing them, and of course no one likes opening their instrument case to find films and webbing all over their instrument!

Stay dry out there!

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