Planning to travel this summer?
May 18, 2021

Planning to travel this summer? Here are some tips from our repair team on how to store your instrument while you are gone!

Orchestral instruments: Store you instrument outside you case in a secure location or with the case open. Keep it inside an air conditioned room to maintain as constant a temperature as possible to your typical playing environment. What you want to avoid is drastic temperature and humidity changes that our weather provides us as it will loosen the bonds on the glues holding your instrument together as well as stress the wood itself! Loosen the hair on your bow to keep your bow ready for you when you return.

P.S. If you have indoor pets, be mindful of where you place the instrument ensuring it won’t be disturbed.

Band Instruments: Store your instrument in a climate controlled environment. Woodwind instruments have pads made out of leather and bladder. The moisture and heat that comes with outdoor summer weather can shorten the life of those pads. Brass instruments have oils and greases that can harden and accelerate corrosion and thereby causing the slides and valves to stick or completely freeze.

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