Three words:
Jul 21, 2021

Three words: Rent to own

Joining orchestra is such an exciting time for a brand new musician. If that price tag is daunting, let us help with a rent to own option!

Outgrowing your current size instrument? No worries. Come and swap up to the size you need at no charge.

Your payments go to the value of the instrument until you pay it off. Then it’s yours!

Accidentally fall? Repairs are covered on us while you are making your payments.

Not sure if music is your student’s thing? The day your family makes that determination bring it in. The payments stop THAT day.

Is your student soaring in rehearsal and ready for the next step of professional instrument? We can move the equity on your current rental over to the purchase of your professional model!

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404 University Dr. E College Station, TX 77840
Monday - Saturday: 10:00 am - 6:00 pm
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Instrument Rental