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A picture of the 4 orchestral rental instruments, violin, viola, cello, bass.
A graphic that explains the differences between the concert and symphonic level rental instruments

Understanding Orchestra instrument Levels:


Concert Models:


These are the standard instruments used for decades in our orchestra programs. Quality fully carved maple, as well as inlay purfling and all ebony fittings. Some have been upgraded to in-tailpiece fine tuners. They come with a student horse hair bow and Prelude strings.


Symphonic Models:


These are almost exclusively our custom in-house instrument with significant upgrades and only a slightly higher price over the concert models. Better aged woods and finer craftsmanship are the hallmark of these instruments. Included are also upgraded bows and synthetic core strings. All this adds up to a significantly better sounding instrument.

What do I do when (it will happen) my child outgrows the violin, viola, cello or bass?


We offer free exchanges when your child is ready for a larger instrument! Please visit one of our stores, or Contact Us by phone at your desired exchange location to ensure we have the correct size in stock, if you know the size.

A graphic that explains how to choose the correct size orchestral instrument rental.
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